In 2018, there will be innovations, but no jobs

There will be innovations, but no jobs:

The current response is "losers go to hell":
It might not be sustainable, since losers can still vote ...

Will 2018 bring an answer? (other than Trump/Poutine duo)

That is my happy prediction :-)

Music in 2017

Not a lot, I guess I did not take note of all I liked this year, but anyway here it is:

I think I will spend less time listening to educational music video and more time practicing with Android Apps like "ear trainer".


Ear training

Resources about ear training:

Finally, Adam Neely has a good overview on it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9q4MWdHhgfM


Encoding/Decoding in Java 9 using javax.xml.bind or not

DatatypeConverter and Java 9

If you used to do conversions, like

import javax.xml.bind.DatatypeConverter;

byte[] bin = DatatypeConverter.parseHexBinary("0769cc");

With Java 9 you will get errors, since javax.xml.bind is no longer in the module path, it is considered part of Java Enterprise. With Java 10 it may even be removed from the JRE.

It is a known problem:

There are many solutions: Rewriting the function or Using command line option to load the library at runtime ...  But the most robust and long term one seems to be adding the dependency to your project.

Here I will focus on adding the dependency:

Java Enterprise library 

As a Maven dependency:

Directly in IntelliJ (Community edition):


Guava also provides conversion methods, but you will have to adapt your code:

Apache Common

Same for Apache Commons. It is a matter of taste.



November summary - 2017-11

11 November





    Sound banks

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