Java on Linux, So Many Free Choices

Or should we say too many choices ?
This post is essentially to cleanup some bookmarks I tagged "To Read".
There is an article in Fedora Weekly Issue 133 about Java.
I like to have a clean Linux install and having Sun's Java, GCJ, IcedTea and others gives me a bad feeling.
Hopefully the road map toward OpenJDK is clear.


The trouble with triggers

It is nice when I get a confirmation for a feeling I had for a long time.
Triggers should be use with extreme care. It is a bit like AOP, very powerful but you don't let anyone play with a chainsaw.
So it is worth reading an article The Trouble with Triggers By Tom Kyte in Oracle magazine.
Note that there is a free paper version if you don't have a netbook for the toilets.

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