Requirements Engineering

I know I should read all those methods more in details.

I found this in the Poll Best Requirement Survey by Xebia.
So what is a requirements method? Since this is not a generally agreed-upon term from the dictionary, we need to define it. There are a few cases where a coherent set of ideas, written down in a book, can easily be seen as a 'method'. Two cases in point are "Volere" and "the Wiegers approach". They both cover almost the entire working area of requirements engineering in at least some detail. In other cases, an approach only covers one area of requirements engineering, such as elicitation techniques. Another possibility is a method that covers a larger area of software or business development, and includes part of requirements engineering. An example of the latter is RUP.
The methods covered in this survey are:

* Volere (Suzanne and James Robertson)
* Wiegers (Karl Wiegers)
* The Software Requirements Memory Jogger (Ellen Gottesdiener)

* Requirements by Collaboration (Ellen Gottesdiener)
* Just Enough Requirements Management (Alan M. Davis)
* Competitive Engineering (Tom Gilb)
* eRequirements (Stephen Robinson)

* RUP (Rational Software)
* Scrum (Sutherland, Schwaber et al.)

Terms and definitions

Requirements Engineering : All project life cycle activities associated with understanding a product's necessary capabilities and attributes.

Requirements Management : Working with a defined set of product requirements throughout the product's development process and its operational life.
Includes: status tracking, tracing, change management, versioning

Requirements Development : The product of requirements development is a requirements baseline that defines the product to be built.

Elicitation : Identifying software or system requirements from various sources through various techniques.

Analysis : Classifying requirements information into various categories, evaluating requirements for desirable qualities, representing requirements in different forms, deriving detailed requirements from high-level requirements, negotiating priorities, etc.

Specification : Documenting a system's requirements in a structured, shareable, and manageable form.

Validation : Evaluating a work product to determine whether it satisfies the specifications and conditions imposed on it at the beginning of the development phase during which it was created.

Stakeholder Management : the activities a business enterprise initiates to manage the relationships with its stakeholders

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Some points also in Wikipedia on Requirement.


What is an architect ?

Two good elements of response :
- Role Profile for Software Architects by Simon Brown. A great way to structure the response.
- Characteristics of a software architect by Peter Eeles (Maybe tainted with functional or domain architect)


Enterprise Architecture

A nice PDF from The Zachman Institute for Framework Advancement (ZIFA) about Enterprise Architecture.
Seen in Red Hat post : Provisioning our New Middleware Architecture.
Note : RedHat lacks a podcast : they started one but the latest post is 2 years old !

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