Grenoble Networking and Association

There are a number of Association related to computer at large in Grenoble. I find it sad that they seems very disconnected. Here is a list if you know more don't hesitate to post comments.
These ones are technical and philosophical oriented:
The following are more business oriented:
Not an association, but still: Grenoble Alpes Incubation (GR-A-IN) encourages creation of innovative start ups. Has members, but may not be an "association", seems that it is a french peculiarity: "public incubators".
On LinkedIN there is also a "Grenoble Network" group.
I am sure that I miss many association. I know that they have different goals and they may not want to be part of some network. But I feel that we are missing something, being so disconnected.


I like O'Reilly newsletter

Always interesting to watch: O'Reilly !
The December newsletter brings some good stuff:
Also note the Strata "The Business of Data" conference, well in California, a bit too far for me but definitively a key subject.

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