Google Custom Search and Bookmarks

I have been waiting for years to be able to do a search with an emphasis on the sites that are in my Bookmarks.
Finally it is possible with Google Custom Search and Google Bookmarks.
This article inspired me :
Google Custom Search: Custom Search Engine APIs

Right now, it is not synchronize : if I add a bookmark, I will had to add it to my CSE too. But I bet it won't be long before Google makes it dead easy to have a CSE synchronized with your Bookmarks.

So for thoses interested, I simply :
- exported my Google Bookmarks,
- open the page in Firefox
- right clic to have the Page info
- clic on the Links tab
- select only the link column (clic on the rightmost little column)
- select all, copy
- create a new CSE and paste the url list into the text area.
Your done

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