Anarchy and diversity to survive complexity?

Anarchy is badly connoted. Makes us think about some kind of hippies.

But it is just another kind of organization. Of course there is a notion of disorder, but it is just that order and disorder are not where we are used to see them.

Wikipedia: "a state of disorder due to absence or non-recognition of authority or other controlling systems."

"Anarchy" came into my radar in the recent month from multiple ways:

I am not going to make a link to the "Nuit debout" in france, but you get the idea ...

Also it seems that organizations tend to be more and more complex, to the point where they collapse. See "The Collapse of Complex Societies" by Joseph Tainter. Same observation for companies "The Biology of Corporate Survival": corporations die because they lack the required disorder/agility to adapt to new situations. Being too "organized", too "under-control" is actually not a good thing perhaps?

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