Storage : S3 vs. Hard Drive

I looked at Amazon S3 service, but it is still expensive, especially if you plan to just "store" files and not often touch them. For example keeping 500GB would cost $90 per month. Compare to a 500GB Hard Drive that cost less than 60€ ! You may count about $10 per month for electric power, depending on your region.

So I planned to use the Open Source Java client : JetS3t, but abandoned it altogether.

Then I have to check for solutions to replicate the files to friends machines. It wouldn't make sense to me to use RAID mirror. Mirror won't protect against thieves or fire !

Good Grasp on what Appcelerator is

Just read the 5 short chapters about what Appcelerator is
It will take 5 minutes and it explain it all.

(I already looked at their site, but didn't find clear explanation, beyond "... everything you need to build RIAs and SOA-based services the way you want — while being flexible bla bla bla ..."

Note also that they added support for Google AppEngine : so you can easily deploy your backend on Google services.

Johanna Rothman about project management

Good article, nice schema about differences between serial, iterative, incremental and agile.
What Lifecycle? Selecting the Right Model for Your Project by Johanna Rothman.
Johanna is doing what I would like, with a more technical point of view still.
Look at her site : really good stuff about project management.


Fedora 9 and Java OpenJDK

I upgraded to Fedora 9 some days ago, it went very well. I used the preupgrade GUI tool.
I just have a little mess in the menu, but easily cleaned up.

I am a bit disappointed by OpenJDK Firefox plugin. Basically, it doesn't work, nor WebStart.
So I will switch to the Standard SUN Java back again. Especially as they fixed and enhanced the applets with Java SE 6 Update 10 b25 !

Resources :
  • JavaFAQ is a bit outdated (still cover a large part of FC6 !? )

  • I will have to check this : http://fedorasolved.org/browser-solutions/sun-jdk

  • Mauriat Miranda guides

  • http://dnmouse.webs.com/index.html Quick guides (feature autonine : a GUI that install non-free apps)

  • http://easylife.dulinux.com/ just another GUI that install non-free apps.

  • People hang out on #fedora-java on freenode. There are also people on #classpath

  • Fedora Java Mailing list

I would really like some kind of group about "Java on Fedora", like the Java topic on Debian Wiki


New Firefox 3 Extensions

So extensions are add-ons, but different from plugins like Java or Quick-Time or themes.

Since I switched to Firefox 3, I had to change some extensions :
Google Browser Sync isn't available anymore, so I switched to Weave. It is still under heavy development, as of 0.2 no Mac and no 64bit which are my 2 machines ...
I use InterClue (link preview), but I am not sure if I will keep it, or maybe just only enable it when needed.
Gmarks obviously for Google bookmarks.
Google Gears.
Google Web Comment isn't available anymore. Anyway, I wasn't really using it.
Firebug verion 1.2 works with Firefox 3 !

Firefox Add-ons doesn't allow to filter the Firefox 3 compatibles, which is a bit annoying.


I tried KDE 4 and I like it

Fedora 9 comes with KDE 4 and it is really great !
Still some details to be fixed but overall I like it much more than Gnome !

About this blog

Looks like this blog is becoming some kind of personal rant.
There are more political, controversial posts and less technical ones.

There two reason for this :
- creating links on subjects that matters to me is a way to vote for them on the Internet.
- I use Shared Items on Google Reader to mark and comment news. It is much quicker than posting on this blog ! My Shared Items.

But I would like to keep this blog focused on technical articles. Maybe I will split it and create a dedicated blog for the "voting" stuff ?
Will see on next post.

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