Quotes from Kent Beck on Implementation Patterns

Kent Beck on Implementation Patterns
(Interview with Kent Beck by Niclas Nilsson, Floyd Marinescu on 25/01/2008)

programmers communicate with other people with their code, so it's not enough to just instruct a machine to do something that you need also to think about what will people read in what I write here, so it's programming more like a writer would write, than just thinking of a set of instructions for a machine.

the easy part of XP is practice related, but there is 3 legs on the stool: practices, values and principles... This gets back a little bit to some of my disenchantment with the direction of agile development in general, people are now asking the question: "How am I going to do agile development?" and agile development isn't a thing you do, it's an attitude, it's a set of personal values about responding to the real world, being open to the information that is there and being willing to do something about it.


First FreeNX problem and solution

I experienced my first problem with FreeNX : couldn't reconnect after a hard reboot. (Some electrical problems in house, but it is solved now : at least there is light in the bathroom.) Anyway, the error message looked like some old stuff was pertubing the session. So some simple commands to remember :
nxserver --list # Gives the list of session
nxserver --terminate SessionId # Terminate a session
nxserver --history # Gives the list of historic sessions
nxserver --hitory clear # Solved my problem !!

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