Chrome session management and synchronization

I searched for browser session management. That is, I would like to

  • Save my open tabs and be able to reopen it 2 month later.
  • Find my opened session at home in the state that I have leaved them at work

Here are some of my findings:

  • FreshStart 
    • 42,709 users
    • Looks good 
    • Synchronize with Chrome Bookmarks (=> no extra login required)
    • Used from november 2011 to october 2012
  • TabCloud
    • 35,042 users
    • Looks Good
    • Synchronize with external app: https://chrometabcloud.appspot.com/ (extra login required)
  • Swimming Session
    • 271 users
    • Synchronize with external app
  • 8cookies
    • also save your cookies (but they provide good security)
    • 41 users
  • Session Manager
    • 10,049 users
    • Looks good and simple
    • Doesn't sync !
  • Session Buddy
    • 53,532 users
    • Doesn't sync !
    • Used for 1 year

Point is that Chrome has a "Bookmark all tabs ..." menu when you right clic on the tabs !

This allow to manage & synchronize your sessions without any extention ...

(Note that I am currently not interested in cross-browser synchornization)

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