WaveMaker : easy web app creation

Good interview from Redmonk about WaveMaker : RIA Weekly #11 - WaveMaker.
So WaveMaker is an easy to use IDE and Framework to build web application. It is Open Source and based on Open Source : Spring / Hibernate / DOJO ... They gets data from Databases as well as WebServices.
- They use WaveMaker to build WaveMaker
- They point out the scattered state of AJAX libraries (DOJO, jQuery, Prototype, Scriptaculous ...) opposed to the clear path offered by Adobe or Microsoft.
- As a workaround they try to provide a level of abstraction above all those libraries, so you are not tied on a specific one.
- They mention Appcelerator too, wich is more database driven.

83 slides about Javascript Library (10/2007), Ajaxian list, Wikipedia Comparison
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