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Book: Programming Collective Intelligence by Toby Segaran

Book: Programming Collective Intelligence by Toby Segaran (2007, 368 pages)
First I should said that I have always been interested in Machine Learning. I believe that a lot of information can emerge from this technology. So I am always eager to know about Statistic, Open Data and Machine Learning. I would like to have more time to dedicate to this field.
So about this book: Well, first, the example are in Python. Obviously, I am more of a "Java Guy" if that makes any sense. But I am glad that the subject forced me into reading Python code.  Now I understand better why Python is used in domains like Biology, Genetic and data manipulation. Python is really not only about indentation! It is great at manipulating data structure: multi-dimensional arrays, maps ... Short and powerful.  But even if Python is great, I felt that there could have been more schema and pictures, just to relax a bit from certain code intensive sections, specially when dealing with text parsing and word c…