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LUA, commun point for VLC, Awesome, SciTE ...

It is amazing to see that most of the software I like and use embed LUA, the "powerful, fast, lightweight, embeddable scripting language" :
VLC Multimedia player can uses LUA playlist.Awesome Window Manager can be extended with LUA: SciTE source code editor can be extended with LUA.Rockbox firmware for mp3 players can be configured with LUA too, even if I cannot find a good official link.Grub 2 the boot manager has integrated lua as an alternative script engine.It is good to know that you can invest into it.

Getting rid of the DisplayManager, Choose your run level

The Display Manager (generally: GDM, KDM, or XDM, Slim ...) is there for historical reason, but it isn't useful unless you need special features.
Now the problem is that Ubuntu restricted the uses of Run Levels ! So you have to tweak the system a little bit if you want to start in text mode.
So lets read:
Add a text-only runlevel to Ubuntu Gutsy and
Boot time RunLevel
Then modify your /etc/event.d/rc-default:
# This task guesses what the "default runlevel" should be and starts the
# appropriate script.

start on stopped rcS

runlevel --reboot || true

if grep -q -w -- "-s\|single\|S" /proc/cmdline; then
telinit S
elif RL="$(grep -o "[[:blank:]][2345]$" /proc/cmdline || true)"; then
if [ -n "$RL" ]; then
telinit $RL
telinit 2
elif [ -r /etc/inittab ]; then
RL="$(sed -n -e "/^id:[0-9]*:initdefault:/{s/^id://;s/:.*//;p}" /etc/…