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Java GUI application in Awesome Window Manager

There is a known problem with Java and the non-reparenting Window Managers like for example Awesome.
Java applications which use the XToolkit/XAWT backend may draw gray windows only. The XToolkit/XAWT backend breaks ICCCM-compliance in JDK 5 and 6 because it assumes a reparenting window manager.

There are a number of places where this is described:

To sum up:
  • it doesn't affect version Java 1.4.2 and before.

  • it doesn't affect version Java 1.7 and hopefully after.

  • the best workaround by far, is to set a name to the Window Manager, so it is recognise by Java as a non-reparenting Window Manager. A simple utility allow to set this name. Just add 'wmname LG3D' to your .xinitrc or simply run it.

  • Here are other workarounds left here for reference:

    • launch another X server, like Xephyr

    • set the following environment variable (to use the older Motif back-end instead): AWT_TOOLKIT=MToolkit. But this won't work in the following cases :
      • OpenJDK/IcedTea doesn't include the Motif toolkit.

      • doesn't work for x86_64 Java, for whatever reason.


Docunext said…
Bruno, you are a lifesaver! Thank you for posting this workaround on my Docunext blog:

The ia32 / MToolkit workaround was still a little buggy on my AMD64 system. Yours is working like a charm. Thanks again.
abargnesi said…
This tip is perfect Bruno! Once I compiled wmname and ran 'wmname LG3D' my windowed java application worked perfectly. My setup is amd64 ubuntu running the awesome window manager.

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