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Installing KUbuntu alongside Fedora

What decided me to try Kubuntu is the updated Miro version, the one that allow to download Youtube chanels. Ubuntu has it, but Fedora is lagging a bit behind. (Notice that Mandriva and Suse had it too).
Besides, the Fedora 10 Feature list didn't excite me.

In order to install Kubuntu alongside Fedora on a free LVM volume, I decided to use UNetBootIn. There are no RPM, you have to download it from sourceforge. Since it is only one single exec, there are no problems.

So, you just launch unetbootin, choose which distribution to install, I choosed Ubuntu 8.10 Net install. It download a little file and ask for reboot.

I rebooted and choose "Unetbootin" in the Grub menu. It launches Ubuntu's install.
Partitionning is the scary part: Ubuntu doesn't help you much to choose the right LVM volume ! Basically, don't use your existing /boot, choose to config LVM and only mount the LVM volume that will contain Ubuntu. It still says that it will change the partition table, but…