16 June 2008

Fedora 9 and Java OpenJDK

I upgraded to Fedora 9 some days ago, it went very well. I used the preupgrade GUI tool.
I just have a little mess in the menu, but easily cleaned up.

I am a bit disappointed by OpenJDK Firefox plugin. Basically, it doesn't work, nor WebStart.
So I will switch to the Standard SUN Java back again. Especially as they fixed and enhanced the applets with Java SE 6 Update 10 b25 !

Resources :
  • JavaFAQ is a bit outdated (still cover a large part of FC6 !? )

  • I will have to check this : http://fedorasolved.org/browser-solutions/sun-jdk

  • Mauriat Miranda guides

  • http://dnmouse.webs.com/index.html Quick guides (feature autonine : a GUI that install non-free apps)

  • http://easylife.dulinux.com/ just another GUI that install non-free apps.

  • People hang out on #fedora-java on freenode. There are also people on #classpath

  • Fedora Java Mailing list

I would really like some kind of group about "Java on Fedora", like the Java topic on Debian Wiki
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