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Midi keyboard AKAI LPK25 velocity problem

I have a cheap AKAI LPK25 MIDI keyboard. I it nice, but unusable due to unreliable sensibility. There is a utility: aseqdump that will dump MIDI messages. aseqdump -l will list the Midi client connected ; "-p client" will dump the specific client MIDI messages
ON PC, the plugin "MIDI velocity adjust" by Robin Gareus is excellent to compensate the poor physical MIDI keyboard.Android does not seem to feature such filter. Neither does Caustic: To measure the problem: $ aseqdump -p24 | tee lpk25.txt | sed --quiet -e 's/^.*Note on .*elocity //p'
 # Type some random string on the keyboard ... $ cat lpk25.txt | sed --quiet -e 's/^.*Note on .*elocity //p' > lpk25.dat $ cat   
  n=127 #number of intervals     max=128. #max value     min=1. #min value     width=(max-min)/n #interval width     #function used to map a value to the intervals     hist(x,width)=width*floor(x/width)+width/2.0  set boxwidth width*0.9     #cou…

March summary - 2017-03

03 Mars SocialRationalisation, Escalation of commitment "Escalade d'engagement"
Insisted both on "The Black Swan" and "Petit traitĂ© de manipulation a l'usage des honnĂȘtes gens" Fair Grenoble excellent. TechTools
XFreeRDP very useful Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) client. (I had connexion problems with Vinegar)
Can mount a drive!/usr/bin/xfreerdp /u:xxxx /p:XXX\! / +clipboard /size:1580x980 /drive:MY_DRIVE,/home/bruno/tmp & like there is a GTK+ GUI: Remmina Desktop extensions are great (Wayland integration not perfect yet.)
Integration with Chrome TCP/IP: IPTable connections differ from Kernel connections!!

Inspirational sites about IoT, DIY, makers ...

Continuing the quest for DIY components ...

Inspirational sites:

Excellent PDF to start with a STM Nucleo and a few components (Led, push button ...) Very basic, but very helpful.

Education about electrical motors I guess I should investigate the ST educational material. Looks like it is more in the spirit of what I want to do ...
There are also tons of YouTube video to explains all kind of electrical motors. Not only brushed, brushless, AC, DC, universal ...