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Components for toy car hacking

What to do with a Nucleo board STM32 L053R8 (Ultra-low-power ARM Cortex-M0+ MCU with 64 Kbytes Flash, 32 MHz CPU, USB) ... Some toy car robots ??

Searching for components:
the keywords are: DIY, Starter kit, Robotics kit, Breadboard kit, learning kit ...OM electronique (Grenoble)Competitive eBay shop and nice 48h shipmentAmazon, eBay, banggood aliexpress dealextreme ... Motor About 130 models at  Lego Lego has a nice collection of motors:
M fast but not powerful (15€)X well suited to propulse a car (25€)XL slow and too powerful? (20€)Servo Moteur quart de tour a gauche, quart de tour a droite (30€)Finally the pack (32€) piles, inter, lamp and a motor, but which one?Battery box for 6 AA (13€) Well, might be easy ... too easy? Will it be adapted to the power control shield on the Nucleo?? For the record Lego has also a pneumatic kit (80€). Starter kits Complete car or robotsImpressive kit at just 70€: Elegoo Kit Smart Robot Voiture Car V1.0 avec T…

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