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My 2016 sum up

My top of the year 2016 Intox: a fact of life: new media, new businesses, same old game!  There is no escape to critical thinking and doubts, because there is no true source of true or relevant source of relevance. (Might be God, but then faith apply, not trust.)   Do you trust the social media? the "wisdom of the crowd"? the scientist in white coat? the traditional media? the big data and its algorithms? even yourself? Because none of these are free of biases. And Social Networks are not worse than traditional media, papers and books. They have different characteristics, at least, they have been an eye opener. This ability to quickly reveal the "intox issue" IS a good feature compared to encyclopedias that feature no updates.   The solution is not to reject everything, but to cope with it. 
  You will make mistakes, you will doubt, you will live in uncertainty, but there is no escape to critically thinking. At least avoid to spread "information", in soci…

January summary - 2017-01

01 JanuaryTechnoA repository of IoT hacks history: File System (IPFS) is the Distributed Web "A peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol to make the web faster, safer, and more open."FabLab centrifuge concept !!SecuritySimple and efficient! Paste command line from the Web should be protection from the OS for this!!!AI: Learning Securely time!Brute-Force Now Elude Volumetric Detection. Uses many IP with botnets, uses login/pwd combinations, ... Good to know is very active in security!!!
TLS linked to Cookies https://gro…