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From XML Firewall to API Server

It is very interesting to see the development of Vordel products. More precisely how they are marketing their products.The "XML Firewall" was like a "Layer 7 Firewall", focusing on the application level.Then it evolved to XML Gateway, SOA Gateway and now: here is how they define their "API Server": a side note, I can't resist a little quote against SOAP:

TLS: Disabling legacy cipher suites

First: "cipher suite is a named combination of authentication, encryption, and message authentication code (MAC) algorithms".If you are using TLS (for HTTPS typicaly) you may want to remove some Cipher Suites.You maybe a little bit less compatible, but also a bit more secure. Things will be better when TLS1.2 is implemented everywhere.You can also claim to be FIPS 140 compliant: !How to do it:From the command line: code: Look at the "ciphers" attribute in someone knows how to do it on the IBM J9 via configuration, I am interested.