18 March 2012

Sacré Trail des Collines

Sacré Trail des Collines http://www.trailcollines.com/
35km - 1500m D+

Almost no road. Very nice organisation. Nice gift from RaidLight too: http://www.raidlight.com/. But worse weather condition ever encountered.

The rain came much sooner than expected, along with hail, snow and some wind. It is not that high, less than 800m. I though that it was not really "mountain", so I decided to go light with only two cotton tee-shirt :-)  I didn't know I could shake like this: almost impossible to drink a cup of tea.

Lastly, I cannot exactly know my "performance", due to some bug, but around 4h30 supposedly. The nice thing is that they offered me the fee for the next year.

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