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Virtualization, a Vagrant 0.8 try

It has been a long time since I wanted to dive in virtualization. I always feared that my PC would not have enough RAM and end up only loosing time.But I have been using VirtualBox and a bit of VMWare recently ... it looks good.So next step to really get some benefits is to automate with Vagrant, Chef and Puppet ...So far the setup is not as smoove as they say it would be ...From here, this post turns into a rant :-)First: Ruby. As far as I know, you have no choice here: Vagrant, Chef and Puppet are build on Ruby. I didn't even try to search for Python or whatelse based automations (but I would be glad to know Ruby alternatives).So, Ruby, there is a Windows installer, click click, OK. Done. gem install vagrant
"Error: cannot access the Net". Ruby doesn't use the system proxy. You have to set an Environment variable: HTTP_PROXY= install vagrant
"Error: you need the SDK". Vagrant uses particular modules that require loca…