29 June 2011

Lower barrier to entry eases community engagement ...

... and I experienced at least 3 way JBoss made some good step in this direction:

  • Application Server 7 (JBoss AS7) is lightweigth and start in about 2 seconds on an 5 years old laptop
  • Wiki are open: you just have to login and you can edit. (and you don't need multiple accounts).
  • GitHub makes it easy to submit change request from your browser (my small contribution)

So things evolved from the time where Application Server where heavy beast which needed a strong and long commitment just to step in.

More progress is still possible by reducing the amount of information you have to digest and filter to get things done, but no doubt that some semantic web stuff will cover this need.

In the mean time, you can download JBoss AS7 CR1 (released today): http://www.jboss.org/jbossas/downloads.html

There are sample applications: 

Give it a shot


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