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Grenoble Networking and Association

There are a number of Association related to computer at large in Grenoble. I find it sad that they seems very disconnected. Here is a list if you know more don't hesitate to post comments.
These ones are technical and philosophical oriented:
The Guilde I guess it is the oldest association. It is about Free Software. They have monthly conference.AlpesJUG a Java User Group association. Also 99,9% Open Source. Monthly conference.LOG Laboratoire Ouvert Grenoblois  is a HackerSpaceCARA  "Club Agile Rhône Alpes" about Agile methodologies and Lean.ACONIT, association pour un conservatoire de l'informatique et de la télématique: About computer museum, but also funny events organization and reflexions about teaching.Macintosh Alpes Club  about the Apple platform. It seems to be oriented towards professional activities. Monthly conference.CCSTI (CENTRE de CULTURE SCIENTIFIQUE TECHNIQUE et INDUSTRIELLE) about culture and science at large. Not only about computer.The following a…

I like O'Reilly newsletter

Always interesting to watch: O'Reilly !
The December newsletter brings some good stuff:
Column oriented DB: Cassandra The Definitive Guide Eben HewittSQL (still): SQL Pocket Guide Third Edition Jonathan GennickData mining: Data Analysis with Open Source Tools Philipp K JanertChange management: Driving Technical Change Terrence RyanWeb: Pragmatic Guide to JavaScript Christophe PorteneuveWeb again! ConversionOptimization Khalid Saleh, Ayat Shukairy. At first I though that it was about data conversion! But it is "The Art and Science of Converting Prospects to Customers". A subject that has recently emerged and a real concern for most web sites!Also note the Strata "The Business of Data" conference, well in California, a bit too far for me but definitively a key subject.