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WikBook, Wiki 2 Docbook java translator

Nice to see that there are still ongoing efforts to produce Docbook. But:
- Currently only produce "Book" this may be overkill for document < 20 pages, where an "article" is lighter.
- You have to install the tool (I need a web site ala SaaS)
- You need to run the translator and then the docbook tool chain to finally open the resulting html or pdf file and see the result
- no annotation supportin reference to: wikbook - Project Hosting on Google Code (view on Google Sidewiki)

Structured editor

I am still searching a structured editor. A WYSIsWYM (What You See Is What You Mean) kind of editor.At this stage, I am very disappointed with the new Google Doc. They could have done something well structured with HTML, but their new markup is just format oriented. A lot of span containing inline style. Unusable. (Same with Zoho and ThinkFree.)The best structured editor I could find is Syntext Serna: Open Source, Free, multi-platform, supports XHTML, DocBook, DITA and more! I tried a lot of other tools:Amaya : the usability is far below Syntext Serna. Maybe an option if you are in XHTML, MathML, SVG trip. But it doesn't seem to support even HTML 5. Lyx: again the usability is not there. It is way too complex. Only an option if you are in the TeX/LaTeXtrip.XML Copy Editor: Maybe in ten years ...Gwennel: FreeWare WYSIWYG and WYSIWYM editor for Windows only, supporting natively the Open Document Format.Conglomerate "XML editor that everyone can use. In particular, our primary g…