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Sequence Diagram: DSL or not DSL ?

I had to produce some UML Sequence Diagram and I tested some Graphical and command line tools.
With UML tools there are 3 possibilities (sometimes mixed in a single application):

Draw your diagram (UMLet, ArgoUML, Violet ...)Reverse engineer your code. It can work for Class Diagram, but the result for Sequence Diagram is generally unusable. (ArgoUML ...)Describe your diagram in a DSL (PlantUML, UMLGraph, ...)There is no "Best Option" since it depends on your use case: for quickly puting an idea on paper, I like UMLet very much for Class, Component ... But I have to admit that VioletUML is way better for Sequences ! When I want to keep my diagram in sync with the code and documentation. The DSL/Reverse Engineering approach allow me to put the diagram description in the JavaDoc. The setup in the Maven POM file (with UMLGraph, should be possible with PlantUML too).I never have the case where a DSL would be that useful. But you just got all the benefits of text files obviously: di…