09 May 2009

Jersey client, Jax-rs, Jaxb, RESTFUL client in Java

RESTFUL web-services, in Java, concern mostly server side developments. The client is generally the browser.
Now I am in the process of developing a Java client for web-service. I searched Java solutions in this space and found that Jersey was also a good client. I already known Jersey, for being the reference implementation for Jax-rs (Restful Services ?) and even saw Paul Sandoz himself in Grenoble. But I never imagined that there could be another consumer than the browser.
Well obviously, they needed to test Jersey, hence ad-hoc code, then a framework and a finally a jersey-client for everyone's pleasure.
The funny parts is that I am using jersey-server to test jersey-client: the other way around ... That is not pure Unit Test, in the sense that I prefer functional or integration test than testing every tiny development chunk and mocking everything around.
Point is that implementing Restful Services in java with Jersey and Jasxb is really easy. overall, I stumbled on a problem with Jaxb and the way it doesn't handle immutable objects, but I will make another post about this.
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