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Web Development as Tag Soup

A post Web Development as Tag Soup by Jeff Atwood in Coding Horror. Very good blog indeed.
There are so many things to say about this problem. Maybe because it touches the Sacred Graal : separation of concern : Presentation and Business Logic.

Overall, there is no silver bullet, but people tends to forget that a Web Application, Web site or intranet can be very different projects and they compare Oranges to Apples. The client and development team changes everything.

Obviously, there are tons of comments, I will try to extract some :

- Mixing HTML / Javascript / server code : is it that bad ? Can there be a "good tag soup" ? "You recently championed Embracing Languages Inside Languages."

- Everyone is promoting his solution : generally a templating engine, but with some discipline to reduce the amount of code in the soup.

- A part of the problem is readability : <a href="<%=foo%>"><%=bar%></a>. Some suggest that "attribut soup&quo…

UML is going down ? or is it the whole programming thing ?

At first I was looking at UML because I like it and would like to see more MDA and MDSD done. But I read 13 reasons for UML’s descent into darkness and the future doesn't seem to shine :

But since I am very skeptical about the conclusion that are generally drown from Google Trends, I searched a little more and it seems that whatever the subject "Java, SQL, HTML ..." the trends goes down more or less :

So, I still hope to see something good out of AndroMDA or Taylor.