12 June 2008

New Firefox 3 Extensions

So extensions are add-ons, but different from plugins like Java or Quick-Time or themes.

Since I switched to Firefox 3, I had to change some extensions :
Google Browser Sync isn't available anymore, so I switched to Weave. It is still under heavy development, as of 0.2 no Mac and no 64bit which are my 2 machines ...
I use InterClue (link preview), but I am not sure if I will keep it, or maybe just only enable it when needed.
Gmarks obviously for Google bookmarks.
Google Gears.
Google Web Comment isn't available anymore. Anyway, I wasn't really using it.
Firebug verion 1.2 works with Firefox 3 !

Firefox Add-ons doesn't allow to filter the Firefox 3 compatibles, which is a bit annoying.
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