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STM32 Nucleo HowTo

The Nucleo is not as popular as the Arduino, but here are some useful resources.

Excellent PDF to start with a STM Nucleo and a few components (Led, push button ...) Very basic, but very helpful.

The debug console On Linux just use Minicom. You only have to specify 9600 baud. Other default values should be OK.

Type this in a terminal: 'minicom -b 9600 -D /dev/ttyACM0'.
And you should see the  'printf("Bonjour !\r\n");'  in your C program.
The pins, where to plug stuff Of course it depends on your Nucleo board, but for the  L053R8, look at the Nucleo PinOut section. You have the Arduino and the Morpho headers, then focus on the PinNames.h file. Also keep in mind the warning about D0 and D1 that are not usable, because shared for the USB communication.
Problem is that ST web site is a bit cluttered with tons of informations and it is not easy to find the relevant ones to start.
Next I am still reading …
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Midi keyboard AKAI LPK25 velocity problem

I have a cheap AKAI LPK25 MIDI keyboard. I it nice, but unusable due to unreliable sensibility. There is a utility: aseqdump that will dump MIDI messages. aseqdump -l will list the Midi client connected ; "-p client" will dump the specific client MIDI messages
ON PC, the plugin "MIDI velocity adjust" by Robin Gareus is excellent to compensate the poor physical MIDI keyboard.Android does not seem to feature such filter. Neither does Caustic: To measure the problem: $ aseqdump -p24 | tee lpk25.txt | sed --quiet -e 's/^.*Note on .*elocity //p'
 # Type some random string on the keyboard ... $ cat lpk25.txt | sed --quiet -e 's/^.*Note on .*elocity //p' > lpk25.dat $ cat   
  n=127 #number of intervals     max=128. #max value     min=1. #min value     width=(max-min)/n #interval width     #function used to map a value to the intervals     hist(x,width)=width*floor(x/width)+width/2.0  set boxwidth width*0.9     #cou…

March summary - 2017-03

03 Mars SocialRationalisation, Escalation of commitment "Escalade d'engagement"
Insisted both on "The Black Swan" and "Petit traitĂ© de manipulation a l'usage des honnĂȘtes gens" Fair Grenoble excellent. TechTools
XFreeRDP very useful Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) client. (I had connexion problems with Vinegar)
Can mount a drive!/usr/bin/xfreerdp /u:xxxx /p:XXX\! / +clipboard /size:1580x980 /drive:MY_DRIVE,/home/bruno/tmp & like there is a GTK+ GUI: Remmina Desktop extensions are great (Wayland integration not perfect yet.)
Integration with Chrome TCP/IP: IPTable connections differ from Kernel connections!!

Inspirational sites about IoT, DIY, makers ...

Continuing the quest for DIY components ...

Inspirational sites:

Excellent PDF to start with a STM Nucleo and a few components (Led, push button ...) Very basic, but very helpful.

Education about electrical motors I guess I should investigate the ST educational material. Looks like it is more in the spirit of what I want to do ...
There are also tons of YouTube video to explains all kind of electrical motors. Not only brushed, brushless, AC, DC, universal ...

Components for toy car hacking

What to do with a Nucleo board STM32 L053R8 (Ultra-low-power ARM Cortex-M0+ MCU with 64 Kbytes Flash, 32 MHz CPU, USB) ... Some toy car robots ??

Searching for components:
the keywords are: DIY, Starter kit, Robotics kit, Breadboard kit, learning kit ...OM electronique (Grenoble)Competitive eBay shop and nice 48h shipmentAmazon, eBay, banggood aliexpress dealextreme ... Motor About 130 models at  Lego Lego has a nice collection of motors:
M fast but not powerful (15€)X well suited to propulse a car (25€)XL slow and too powerful? (20€)Servo Moteur quart de tour a gauche, quart de tour a droite (30€)Finally the pack (32€) piles, inter, lamp and a motor, but which one?Battery box for 6 AA (13€) Well, might be easy ... too easy? Will it be adapted to the power control shield on the Nucleo?? For the record Lego has also a pneumatic kit (80€). Starter kits Complete car or robotsImpressive kit at just 70€: Elegoo Kit Smart Robot Voiture Car V1.0 avec T…

February summary - 2017-02

My 2016 sum up

My top of the year 2016 Intox: a fact of life: new media, new businesses, same old game!  There is no escape to critical thinking and doubts, because there is no true source of true or relevant source of relevance. (Might be God, but then faith apply, not trust.)   Do you trust the social media? the "wisdom of the crowd"? the scientist in white coat? the traditional media? the big data and its algorithms? even yourself? Because none of these are free of biases. And Social Networks are not worse than traditional media, papers and books. They have different characteristics, at least, they have been an eye opener. This ability to quickly reveal the "intox issue" IS a good feature compared to encyclopedias that feature no updates.   The solution is not to reject everything, but to cope with it. 
  You will make mistakes, you will doubt, you will live in uncertainty, but there is no escape to critically thinking. At least avoid to spread "information", in soci…