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September summary - 2017-09

09 September A big month
SecurityAIReally hard to decipher, specially Deep Learning.
"Explainability"RiskyBiz (Homer Strong, director of data science at Cylance) are AI to help understand other AI: Lime?There are simplified AI derived from the full AI, but more
understandableBeing obscure is part of the security of this product?You can whisper near 20kHz to Siri or Amazon. Still requires about $3 of hardware: recognition: from one phone to another (Galaxy Note 8) measure you detection capabilities "continuously challenges your security assumptions"Intel Kill switch by the NSA !…
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Erreurs, Tromperies et Manipulations

Erreurs, Tromperies et Manipulations Le résultat d’une série de bouquins lus au cours de ces 2 ou 3 dernières années. Une actualité centrée sur le Fact-Checking(ou pas) et l’amplification par les réseaux sociaux … et il me prend l’envie de mettre tout ca en perspective. Il y a fort longtemps, j’avais lu Noam Chomsky et vu un documentaire au cinéma. C’est un peu le fondement de toutes ces réflexions : on peut tendre vers l’objectivité, mais jamais l’atteindre. On est toujours plus ou moins consciemment influencé. Tout est relatif. Blablabla ... Intéressant, du bon sens, on pourrait s’arrêter là ? Non, ces notions de base ne donnent pas idée des developments concrets qui affectent notre vie. Alerté par la presse du nombre de publications scientifiques non-reproductibles ou simplement bourrées d’erreurs, j’ai eu l’occasion de lire“Statistics done wrong" de Alex Reinhart. Les outils crachent des chiffres, ils ne disent rien de leur signification ou absence de signification. A force de pe…

July summary - 2017-07

07 JulyDropbox Paper looks really good!There is even an app to link to GitHub if it was possible to make it public !? Tech Many surveys this month
Secure CodingThe JetBrains survey shows that static code analysis and code review are lagging behind other practices podcast with Colin Domony (VeraCode, A code analysis tool). Discussed the divide between developer's reality and "security people"'Reilly: "The alarming state of secure coding neglect: A survey reveals a deep divide between developer aspirations for security and organizational practices." and TLD can be a mess. Will have to read about DNSSE…

June summary - 2017-06

06 June Podcasts These are suggestions, I did not listen yet: The Amp Hour Tech (I was at SANS Paris ...)SNORT alternative,bro%20ids,suricata%20idsPenTesting Execution Standard (community work): Source vulnerability scanner and manager (Greenbone) (alternative to Nessus)Web Reconnaissance framework (Python) tools to assist administrators and auditors with assessment, measurement and
enforcement of security baselines IT community to safeguard private and public organizations against cyber threats.…

May summary - 2017-05

05 May Productivity, GTDReadability chrome Extension has become Mercury: of Workflowy clones!VimFlowy Source , but beware the synchroExcellent plugin system, very modularDynaList OpenSource, but very active! SocialBlanche Gardin (French humorist, modern)Louis CK (US humorist, modern) via Blanche GardinLots of YouTube video, Really excellent !!"How the Self-Esteem Craze Took Over America" (via Linda Rising) It is not what you are, but what you can be that is important.Funny, that even in France this "American confidence" is seen as a great driver of success."The Complacent Class: The Self-Defeating Quest for the American Dream", by Tyler Cowen…

April summary - 2017-04

04 AprilWe knew that ants were farming fungus The news is that it happened 65 millions years ago in dry climate. It is quite fascinating subject, that both species influenced each other, to the point of being dependent. (Via ScienceFriday)American maybe the most liberal, but they are also very critic of the "financial matter". Rana
Foroohar of the Financial Times talks about: "Makers and Takers: The Rise of Finance and the Fall of American Business". Math tool: SageMath. It has command line and a web interface. (based on Python, R and TeX, install is about 2Go ...)Always nice from times to times "10 Mistakes That Spell Disaster for Your Career" MusicA mashup of Coltrane's …

STM32 Nucleo HowTo

The Nucleo is not as popular as the Arduino, but here are some useful resources.

Excellent PDF to start with a STM Nucleo and a few components (Led, push button ...) Very basic, but very helpful.

The debug console On Linux just use Minicom. You only have to specify 9600 baud. Other default values should be OK.

Type this in a terminal: 'minicom -b 9600 -D /dev/ttyACM0'.
And you should see the  'printf("Bonjour !\r\n");'  in your C program.
The pins, where to plug stuff Of course it depends on your Nucleo board, but for the  L053R8, look at the Nucleo PinOut section. You have the Arduino and the Morpho headers, then focus on the PinNames.h file. Also keep in mind the warning about D0 and D1 that are not usable, because shared for the USB communication.
Problem is that ST web site is a bit cluttered with tons of informations and it is not easy to find the relevant ones to start.
Next I am still reading …